Ortaire de Coupigny

Normandy, France 


Coupigny creates one-of-a-kind installation artworks with a mixed-media technique he has personally developed through years of practice. His artworks are made from a combination of paraffin wax, coloured pigments, and real locally sourced sardine tins. The sculpted sardines in the cans are then covered with a transparent resin reminiscing the sea, inspired by the sea coast in the city of Port-Louis, Brittany where his current studio is situated.


His hand-painted, unique, occasionally funny renderings of what these tin cans typically store interact and make social commentary of the industrial, mass-produced, daily products.


Ortaire de Coupigny studied fine art at the School of Fine Arts of Cherbourg. Today, Ortaire works near the sea, with his wife and two children. Most recently in 2021, Ortaire de Coupigny was awarded the 2nd prize at the Salon of the Lorientaise Society of Fine Arts, Brittany, and his works have been exhibited at the Royal Academy of London, along with other exhibitions around France, Holland, the UK, Switzerland, and now in Singapore as well. He is also a part of "La Maison des artises", a French national institution for esteemed painters and sculptors.