Stéphane Braud

b. France, 1955


Stéphane Braud presents unique works on metal composed of acrylic and natural pigments. His paintings give his universe a raw realism with bright colours. They are a hypnotic invitation to look at a material simply and directly.


Stéphane Braud presents the viewer with a series of unique paintings on metal support, painted in acrylic and natural pigments. Each of the paint buckets measures 35 x 35 cm and can be exhibited in various configurations allowing the viewer to create his or her own work of art, adjusted to one’s liking. It is an alluring invitation without fabrication.


The representation of different variations of colourful paint buckets joyfully invites the viewer to immerse in the expressive colour of pigments and bold compositions.


Stéphane’s works have been exhibited in various art galleries around the world including France, Belgium, Monaco, USA and now Singapore.


Stéphane’s painting "Breathing Colours" on display at REDSEA Gallery.