Marck, b.1964

Zurich, Switzerland


The video sculptures by Swiss artist MARCK are more than a simple combination of video and sculpture: They are a logic consequence of his extensive examination with films and videos, multimedia based projects, performances, music and sculptural as well as kinetic objects. The many years he has been working with these media have showed him their limits and possibilities thus founding a basis for the body of works created since 2001. 


The women in MARCK's video installations are locked in narrow spaces. They function as symbols for a limited space of action provided by society in which women find themselves. At the same time they also function as patterns for inter-gender relationships and communication. His women are limited in their movement, but use it to explore the narrow rooms provided for them-hoping for a dissolution of the boundaries and physical limitations caused by their actions. 


However, MARCK does not want his art to function as a mouthpiece for typical and seemingly obvious women's topics, but chooses the woman to be a symbol for his observations of society. His works are not meant to provide answers and targeted interpretations on certain topics, but raise questions and inspire considerations. 


Since 2007 his sculptures have been touring worldwide with the likes of the art fair Scope. The stations were New York, Miami, Istanbul, Seoul, Basel, London, Munchen, Wien, Bolognia and the Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria). Marck`s sculptures can be seen in the Krupp Collection in the Boston Museum in the USA, in the Grande Finale Museum in France, in the Dosan artcenter in Korea or in the Artcenter Borusan in Istanbul. 


Marck is currently living and working in Zurich, Switzerland.