Zhuang Hong Yi

August 14 – September 5, 2021

Press Release


Solo Exhibition by Zhuang Hong Yi


Invigorate your senses with a myriad of the latest multi-coloured paintings from renowned Chinese contemporary artist, Zhuang Hong Yi! In his latest solo exhibition at REDSEA Gallery, Zhuang has created a new collection of colour-changing works utilising traditional Chinese material of rice paper. This series of artworks represents Chinese aesthetics, meditations on colour, nature, and form, whilst the emphasis on technique and uniformity and the focus on Zhuang’s versatile handling of materials.


In this latest collection, Zhuang has developed his technique from working with a single uniform colour to creating dual and triple coloured works that subtly shift from one dominant colour to another as you move your body and eyes from one side of the work to the other, adding movement and a visual tactlessness to the works. Utilising the traditional Chinese material of rice paper, the works represent Chinese aesthetics, meditations on colour, nature and form, whilst the emphasis on technique and uniformity and the focus on his handling of material are all lessons adopted from the Sichuan College of Fine Arts where he first studied.


Zhuang’s painted canvases bear the influence of Impressionism and other Western artistic practices.   Working with a freedom of style as if liberated from his native country’s well-established artistic traditions and boundaries, his impasto strokes of daring, bright colours are expressive and unconfined.  Colours melt together and paint drips down the canvas, seeping over a collage of delicate unfolded rice paper flowers.  The almost sculptural three-dimensionality makes these works both painting and object.  Messiness, variety, and chance are all embraced drawing the viewer in, encouraging contemplation as they immerse us in a tapestry of colour and form.


FLOWER FIELDS is currently on display at REDSEA Gallery, located at #01-10 Dempsey Hill, Singapore.





Contemporary artist, Zhuang Hong Yi is based in the Netherlands but was brought up in China.  It is this combination of Chinese background and European influence that marks Zhuang Hong Yi’s work.  Embracing his present without losing his past, he attempts to define a sense of self that exists between the two.  Zhuang enacts this personal struggle visually, vacillating between phases of controlled planning, emotional gesture, and careful editing, creating works that represent beauty, sophistication, and perfection.


Zhuang Hong Yi has exhibited in China, the USA, and throughout Europe including Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, and The UK. He has been the subject of multiple museum exhibitions at Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, and featured at the Pinakothek der Moderne, a modern art museum situated in central Munich's Kunstareal, as well as at the Ulm museum in Germany. His works are held in numerous esteemed public and private collections worldwide.